REPOST – Open Call: The ChillerPop Top Ten Influential Books


[Originally published March 29, 2010]

Open Call: The ChillerPop Top Ten Influential Books

My first Open Call response.

Of course I read more than
horror fiction, and of course there’s been many other books/novels
of higher and lower quality that have been more important and
influential to me.  But this blog being what it is, I had to come up
with the list below of the horror books that influenced me the most. 
And you can be sure that this is just a spur of the moment top ten
list.  There’s no order here (maybe chronological by when I read them,
but even that’s uncertain).  I don’t really have much use for these
kinds of lists – ask me tomorrow and the list will be completely
So here we go: 

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Around the World in 31 Days: United Kingdom


[NOTE: Originally posted October 3rd, 2014 as part of that year’s 31 Days of Halloween]

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Around the World in 31 Days: Cuba



I remember very distinctly reading this 1987 New York Times blurb on the Cuban animated film ¡Vampiros En La Habana!. And in the years from 1985 to 1990, vampires had turned the corner, for me, from something to fear (yes, I was very much afraid of Dracula and his brethren as a child) to something alluring and powerful. “The Vampire Lestat” was ubiquitous on the bestseller lists, The Lost Boys promised a world of eternal youth and rock and roll, and the Marvel graphic novel “Greenberg the Vampire” was an erotic fever dream I couldn’t comprehend but just went blam in my hormone-addled seventeen year-old mind.

I had thought all the while that Vampires in Havana was one of those sexy Nelvana adult animated movies, like Heavy Metal, Fire and Ice, or American Pop. But I finally took it in this, the year 2019, and discovered its a goofy, weird stylized film, with sophomoric sex and some terrific music.

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The ChillerPop Top Ten Influential Books


File:Stoker - Dracula, Sonzogno, Milano, 1922.djvuSource: Wikimedia Commons

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