Do They Show Horror Movies in Heaven?



Yesterday, we lost Wes Craven, a pioneer and icon of the horror genre.  There isn’t much I can add about the man’s considerable legacy and his signature work, Nightmare on Elm Street, though some might argue Scream was his crowning achievement.  Elm Street and its surrounding mythology was inventive, original and changed the face of horror cinema forever.  His creation Freddy Krueger, the maniacal, sometimes comical dream demon of the series, is the Elvis of horror movie monsters.

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The Chillerpop Exorcist Retrospective



It’s been a rather possessed August.  When personal misery overwhelms, a supernatural/horror obsession is something of an anodyne.  Don’t ask me why.

I’ve been reviewing criticism of ‘The Exorcist’ and its sequels, reading interview after interview with William Peter Blatty, Linda Blair, William Friedkin and others involved in the most amazing and frightening film ever made.

And you know what?  Many fine minds are weighing in – from this excellent podcast, to this academic who, to my delight, is providing analysis and criticism on the recent wave of exorcism themed films.  I wrote a lot about this recent wave of films when this blog was on Open Salon.

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A Short Intro. Plus: Vampyr (1932)


Hello readers!

This blog is what it is. A place for me to spew thoughts, reviews and analysis on horror movies, and more besides. I previously ran this blog on the now defunct Open Salon, starting in 2010, and I had a great time. I even managed to save my work from there into a blogspot. From time to time I’ll dust off old posts.

I’m going through some hardship now which is preventing me from posting regularly, but I hope to pick it back up.

In the meantime, please enjoy the beautiful, gothic, expressionistic horror film ‘Vampyr’.