Don’t Dream It, Victor


There’s not much I can add to illuminate what’s known and what’s loved about Richard O’Brien’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I’m pretty sure that if you are reading this, you know this movie and its music all too well.

Maybe I can offer this: Dr. Frankenfurter is the fabulous ultimate expression of Mary Shelley’s Victor Frankenstein. Where one is an odious, cowardly mass of 19th century anxieties and weak egotism, the other’s rampant self-centeredness is perfect and glorious. Both scientists create their own downfalls, but only one does it with heels and fishnets, and with a lack of remorse that’s honest and goddamn decadent.

Where one wanted to play God with unearned arrogance, the other was a Dionysian trickster that literally and figuratively fucked with his creations, and like any Olympian, you still owed him worship. One despised his creation and treated it like garbage; the other liked his creation a little too much, and … treated it like garbage. Oh don’t look at him like that!

I mean, isn’t Frankie the better scientist?

I suppose I should compare/contrast Janet Weiss and Elizabeth Lavenza, but that slut deserves better.

YouTube is chock full of wonderful interpretations and performances of “Sweet Transvestite”, many of them in foreign languages. Enjoy for as long as they’re up!

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