Asparagus Agonistes: Dark Phoenix (2019)


A little lesson in comic book nerdery (comic book nerds, feel free to skip over what you know.)

These are the D’Bari.

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They are a race of cute, peaceful ‘asparagus people’ from the D’Bari solar system. They are a part of the Shi’Ar Empire, an intergalactic star spanning imperium familiar to readers of X-Men, most notably because the wheelchair bound telepath who founded the X-Men, Charles Xavier, was the lover of the empire’s queen, Lilandra

Why do I start this blog post with this fact? Because about the only thing that made 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix worth watching was the fact that SPOILER:

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Novel Novelizations!



October 5, 2017 – I fondly remember the days when major movie releases would have tie-in novels. They helped make the film, its logos, its marketing campaign, ubiquitous in bookstores and supermarket racks. That didn’t register as obnoxious branding to me then (it may now). If nothing else, they encouraged reading, especially for the kids who claimed they didn’t like to do it. The tough knucklehead rednecks that would pick on me for reading Narnia in 6th grade could be seen with the paperback novelizations of horror and action movies when we had those MS book pledge drives. Continue reading