Around the World in 31 Days: France



I’m not a gorehound, but when I heard the Faculty of Horror’s podcast episode on the New French Extremity movement I knew I had to delve (Alexandra West, podcast co-host, has written a book extensively covering these films.)

I was hoping to watch the original Martyrs, as its premise sounds mind-blowing, but I went for the low-hanging streaming fruit, Frontière(s) on TubiTV. Nazis are no longer quaint wrong fun for horror movie subject matter, so I wasn’t totally in the mood.

Now, NFE movies don’t typically fuck around; they will deliver some of the most shocking, nihilistic moods you can see anywhere. Frontière(s) opened with an abortion and the main protagonist declaring that this was no world in which to bring a baby forth. Opening salvo? Continue reading

Around the World in 31 Days: Kenya


Unfortunately, I was unable to find a full length Kenyan horror film. My research pointed me to In the Shadow of Kilimajaro; but it feels more like a British production than Kenyan.

However, I did find on YouTube two terrific horror shorts directed by Sandra Nekh. Her biography is here on Smashwords, and she’s talented indeed. Above all, the shorts below show she’s got quite an eye for composing shots and scenes and creating subtle, creepy atmosphere.

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