Around the World in 31 Days: Tunisia

Enjoy these two bits of delightful creepery from Tunisia, the country that has brought you Tattooine among other famed cinematic settings!

The Ghost House needs work, and doesn’t build a sense of fear in the right sequence, but I liked the haunting ghost woman, and the desolate, ancient looking dwelling that the lead character was exploring. The Ghost House stars Rouetbi Abir, Milat Ferdaws and Yakoubi Hamza. Produced by Armada Art Films.

DMT is a disjointed, over-cued nightmare featuring a young woman tied up in an abandoned nowhere place and haunted by Samara-esque ghouls. I guess we could conclude she was a party girl and ended up in that nightmare due to drug abuse? DMT was written and directed by Seif Houas and Oussema ben Mbarek, and stars Lynda Baaziz, Amal Mathlouthi, Samar Trabalsi and Mariem Arifa.

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