Around the World in 31 Days: Netherlands

From The Netherlands, here is what I guess you call a “creepy pasta”: Stalked, by Cas Van Doornik (check out his YouTube channel.)

In this story, a teen performs some sort of vague occult ritual – which he “thinks is bullshit” – and ultimately becomes stalked by a knife-wielding Michael Meyers-esque figure. He is Vlogging all of this. Though I don’t have any information on the actors in the short, it appears that Van Doornik plays the teen boy’s older brother. The conclusion of the short is befuddling!

I think this is a great effort. Van Doornik has a great eye for background and shots – note the way he features the apartment complex setting of the action. He chose some great music, too, for which he provides credits on the YouTube post. It is an amateur production, and that’s okay. The young actor will have time to develop his craft.

The plot places this in the tradition of such recent movies as Pyewacket, where thoughtless occult dabbling results in supernatural stalking. Although, this entity was very physical, thus less scary. It’s also an example of how horror narratives are mixing with media technology.

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2 thoughts on “Around the World in 31 Days: Netherlands

  1. Haha. “A vague occult ritual.” I know the feeling, when you have a sense of something you’re trying to convey, but it doesn’t quite materialize. It’s like trying to convert a gaseous idea into a solid expression.

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