Around the World in 31 Days: Belgium


The Devil’s Nightmare (1971) is credited as an Italian/Belgian production. Italy has a legendary horror movie tradition so I’ll give this one to Belgium.
Now, I don’t know what if anything The Devil’s Nightmare had to say about the Belgian national character in 1971 (definitely some post-war Nazi anxiety there), but it was an absolute delight. At times I could have sworn I was watching a precursor to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, what with tourists trapped in a spooky castle and creepy pale skulkers a la Richard O’Brien’s Riff Raff (Daniel Emilfork as the devil himself.)

In one lush, gothic sensual package you will get:

  • Nazis (exhausting in today’s climate)
  • A tacky and ridiculous baby sacrifice
  • A soft 1970’s European film score!
  • Sensual sapphic seduction from out of nowhere!
  • A pact with the devil!
  • Several creative murders based on the 7 deadly sins!
  • Obnoxious tourists!

And…a succubus! Our handsome priest hero takes great care to explain the difference that creature has with a vampire. Erika Blanc stars as Lisa Mueller, our succubus, and she’s magnificent, strutting around and manifesting gruesome supernatural murders in a sexy one piece fit for a queen of hell!

All in all, a highly entertaining romp with beautiful, if sleazy aesthetics. Go Belgium!

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