Your Weekend Frankenstein, Oct 6-7

“All them ethical blurry lines point to the same thematic question up in here: are we inherently good, or evil? Are people driven to murder because of society’s sh**, or is it written from Day One that a playa gonna be a cold-hearted killer?” – Sparky Sweets, PhD

I was, of course, born in the wrong decade. Instead of not reading the book for English class, I had those Cliff Notes and what not. But I most definitely didn’t have Thug Notes, narrated by the formidable Sparky Sweets, PhD.

Get the lowdown on Frankenstein like it IS, not like your fastidious English teacher wants it to be. With less pretentious, annoying jargon and with more banging booty.

If you have a burning desire to add Sparky Sweets’ Thug Notes to your bookshelf, or to support this blog by browsing and shopping via this link, please consider clicking below.

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