Satan’s School for Girls – The Public Domains of Terror!

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October 14-15, 2017

Do you need any other reason to take in this film beyond the terrifically sleazy title? Did you not catch this psychotronic beauty on your local TV channels before the days of streaming and the Internet, when ANY horror movie would do, no matter how bad?

If either of the above is the case, let me inform you that this 1973 film is highly notable for being an Aaron Spelling production and for featuring not one but two Angels – yes, angels and not devils – Kate Jackson and Cheryl Ladd!  Kate Jackson has commented on not remembering having made the film, but as a favor to Spelling she starred in a 2000 remake starring real life devil-child Shannon Doherty and ‘Buffy’/’Angel’ star Julie Benz.

Also, the movie features the titular headmaster of this elite private school for young ladies. He wears a tweed sport coat, and has a perpetual shit-eating grin. Where does the Prince of Lies find the time?


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